The Open Course Materials Initiative (OCMI) is an advocacy effort led by Harvard students pushing for open course material sharing at universities. The pandemic has had two key effects in higher education:

These two factors present a critical need and unique opportunity for universities to act. Let’s support students, educators, and those with less access to higher education by enabling instructors to share their course materials with ease.

The vision for OCMI is to create a cross-university system and culture of course material sharing supported by an open-source platform similar to MIT OCW. Such a project requires:

OCMI’s current focus is the OCMI At Harvard Campaign: pushing for OCMI at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard. We are currently collecting Harvard faculty support for the following letter. Harvard faculty can sign the letter at this form and more information for faculty can be found at our FAQ document.

If you would like more information, do see our contact page at ooep.org/contact. If you would like to join the team, fill out the OCMI details at OOEP’s general signup page at ooep.org/signup. Simply contacting and talking with faculty or sharing the OCMI message helps!