Open Online Education Platform (OOEP) is a group of students, faculty, and technologists seeking to redefine higher education institutions’ approach to the shift to online education.

Since the pandemic hit, educational institutions and individuals have been working on technology solutions to the shift to online education independently. The Open EdTech Community at OOEP brings together these efforts to curate a culture of collaborative EdTech problem-solving. Acting as a centralized platform, we will connect software developers with EdTech Projects, and connect EdTech projects with educational institutions to test and provide feedback. We envision it to be a community where people can share, develop, and adopt open-source tools together.


That is, there are three spokes to this system:

We want to launch a collaborative hub of developers working on open-source tech serving higher education that is supported in practical manners by various partners (for example hosting from Harvard iLabs) and connect this hub with university partners for testing out tools (for example Learning Labs and Teaching and Learning Labs).

A graph of the Open edTech Community's organization, showing a hub labeled "Open EdTech" and three spokes labeled "Dev projects/Individual developers", "Ed partners", and "Student organizers" respectively.

This is a new initiative in active development, and your ideas will play an important role in shaping how this project will evolve in the months ahead.